Five Things To Know About Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft is a worldwide game. This is very popular game from long time and has undergone various changes and revisions. Whatever the reason was, this game continues to be most favorite to all time. You can easily start small Minecraft server at in your personal PC to play with limited friends. You only have to configure your Minecraft in pity or Linux and if you are using windows you can start free hosting server of Minecraft by some following instructions.

    1. You have to download the Minecraft s/w from its official website. And this in a specific location or folder which is used for saving only Minecraft files. For successfully running of your Minecraft server you have to install Java versions 6 in your PC. This is very important because some previous versions of Java produce some errors which make some problem for the installation of Minecraft server.  After this downloading and installation process proceeds with the .exe file, you have to open it. This exe file automatically starts the configuration of Minecraft hosting server in your PC, ignore the error message which are open in pop window in between the configuration. When it will be completed now you have to increase the internal memory of your Minecraft. For the successful achievement of this task just copy the exact path location of your Minecraft .exe file. This file will fetch that file which is using by you to configure the Minecraft server. After that you have to rename the file name by “run.bat”. And now save it in your Minecraft server folder. By all this process you can increase the internal memory of your Minecraft server by 100 Mb to 2 GB. This is necessary to play the game. It is very lower amount of memory just for few people.
    2. Well, once the game started to gaining good response to your friends, your PC may have to face the critical situation and not be able to cop up with extra pressure.This may be quite difficult and your running may disrupted at number of times. And it can be consider as warning signal which is alerting you to the requirement of paid Minecraft server.
  1. Paid Minecraft server offers you great performance with stability and allows you to enjoy the excitement services of Minecraft servers. Pain Minecraft server never disappoint you, and you will never felt regret for your decision. Minecraft game allows free flow creativity and the great spirit of adventure
  2. The treasure hunting is one of the most interesting part of this game because to find out the treasure you have to face the presence of monsters in your way. If you are near to those monsters you got killed .When you receive the treasure game with some renewed freshness, you have to find out all the treasure which are hunted by you previously when you got killed by the monsters, all these are splited.
  3. Go ahead and improve your spirit and creativity and explore the Minecraft world.

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