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Minecraft is very interesting as well as very creative game. It is a game which is completely dedicated to putting blocks in some different places and removing these blocks from some different places. So much success can be achieved only with multiple players. Many of your online friends can make light work for you and for this game.
Well, here SMP is multiplayer mode for all the Minecraft’s. In SMP, multiple people play at the same time from different locations. And for this large Minecraft server is operated. This multiplayer mode of Minecraft game gives you opportunity to play with multiple friends simultaneously.

  • There are many interesting multiplayer servers for Minecraft game.You can join then and explore the world of Minecraft.
  • There is so numerous advantage of running a private SMP Minecraft server. By this you can easily choose who comes to your private network
  • Griefing problem is far less from the public servers.

How to run this server and from where these servers come from:-

First option for running this kind of server you need a decently configured computer system at your home with very good memory and processor, and net speed should be very attractive. Minecraft server puts this on some equipment. Running Minecraft server at home only is best you only a handful of people who are playing on your Minecraft game server (with 2 or more friends), it is most inexpensive way from playing with and SMP Minecraft server.

For setting up a Minecraft game server here is very simple, but little bit technical.

Tree Puncher is a company which provides you free Minecraft game server. If you don’t have hardware which is compatible for this Minecraft game, no worries. Now it is possible to obtain these Minecraft game servers from somewhere else.


  • Tree Punchur is a server company which offers free as well as paid Minecraft game server. But with some conditions, for one only 2 slots is available, it simply means that you are not going to be massive online Minecraft game parties with your online friends, and with some other player.
  • They are not running with the complete package of the Minecraft game server, it means they don’t have any of mobs, no reeds, no water flow, pumpkins or cacti and few other niggling issues.
  • If you still want to set your Minecraft game server with someone else and you are willing to potentially upgrade to the paid Minecraft services at a point, you may need tree puncture’s services.
  • You can very easily get free server hosting with the help of tree Puncture Company but it does not give you all the offers and services.

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